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Park Features & Status


Parks Open




Current Features
Barrel bonk, battleship rail, down bar, flat down dancefloor, flatbar with box, 2 small jumps 3 medium jumps, flat bar, 2 small flat rails, 2 small flat box's, large up rail, down flat down flat rail.

All skis must have working brakes, All Snowboards must have an adequate leash to prevent runaway equipment.

Sundance Park is open!

A view of Sundance from the top

Barrel Bonk

Small jump

Curved Up-Flat-Down Rail and Down Tube

Small Jump

A-frame Dance Floor Box and Box/Rail Combo

Small Jump

Small Jump

Medium Jump

Medium Jump/Hip Combo

Flat Rail

Rainbow Box

Flat box

Small Flat Box

Up Rail

Down Flat Down kink rail

Flat Rail