We are celebrating our  "1ST DAYS OF WINTER" with a preseason discounted  ticket to ski or ride for only $40.  Ski Area is open from 8:30am to 10pm. The tubing park is not yet open. Check back for updates.

Need help? Call us at 978-692-3033.


Terrain Park

The Terrain Park is Rail Garden- OPEN

Number of park features: 7 rail features- OPEN

Number of rails: 7 in garden

Number of jumps: 


Park features: Should have more features and jumps by mid-week

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Nashoba Valley FreeRide Series   Nashoba Valley FreeRide Series   Nashoba Valley FreeRide Series   Nashoba Valley FreeRide Series


Here at Nashoba we try our hardest to provide the very best features and atmosphere to develop your skills in the park. Our parks are specifically designed to grow your experience and exposure with freestyle terrain. That means we change the features in our parks throughout the week to keep lines fresher, guaranteed. We have an arsenal of over 40 jibs at our disposal. You won't get bored at Nashoba. We offer two parks that cater to all ability levels.


Playground Park: Here you can find small jump lines, mini flat boxes and rails and everything in between! You can access the Playground through the glades under the Sundance Lift or cut over from the Sundance Park halfway down the trail.


Sundance Park: This is the bread and butter of Nashoba! Here in Sundance you you will find our signature Jump Line, Urban Jibs, a multitude of Boxes and Rails, and the funnest events on snow.