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Thursday Matches

1. Unprotected Sets 8. Spike the Punch 15. Snappaheads   22. Power to the Boozy
2. Looking to Score 9. Hot 4 Teachers 16. Team NSH     23. SofaKing Good
3. Hot Dog Johnsons 10. Mayflower   17. Irish Setters   24. Last Call
4. Volley 4 Beer 11. FOG   18. How I Set Your Mother   25. Sweet Bumps
5. Sandy Balls 12. Ballatio   19. Vine Brook Smashers   26. The Rafikis
6. Balls Out 13. Cobra Kai   20. The Monstars    
7.Block Party 14. YOLO   21. ACME Roofing    
Thursday Night Schedule Wk 2          
Pool A   Court 1 Court 2      
A. Snappaheads MATCH A AB CD      
B. ACME Roofing NATCH B AC BD      
C. Hot Dog Johnson's MATCH C AD BC      
D. The Monstars            
Pool B            
A. How I Set Your Mama   Court 3 Court 4 Court 5    
B. Sofaking Good MATCH A AB CD EF    
C. Unprotected Sets MATCH B AC BE DF    
D. Cobra Kai MATCH C AD BF CE    
E. Block Party MATCH D AE BD CF    
F. Ballatio MATCH E AF BC DE    
Pool C            
A. Mayflower   Court 6 Court 7 Court 8    
C. Hot 4 Teachers MATCH B AC BE DF    
D. Irish Setters MATCH C AD BF CE    
E. Power to the Boozy MATCH D AE BD CF    
F. Last Call MATCH E AF BC DE    
Pool D            
A. YOLO   Court 9 Court 10  Court 12  
B. Stay Thirsty MATCH A AB  CD EF  
C. Looking to Score MATCH B AC  BE DF  
D. The Rafikis MATCH C AD  BF CE  
E. Sandy Balls MATCH D AE  BD CF  
F. Volley 4 Beer MATCH E AF  BC DE  
Pool E            
A. Spike the Punch   Court 11   Court 13    
B. Sweet Bumps MATCH A AB   CD    
C. Balls Out MATCH B AC   BD    
D. Vine Brook Smasher MATCH C AD   BC