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Volleyball Championships

2013 Championship Tournament*

2013 Adult Volleyball League Champions

AA. League- Uncle Slam
AA League Champions
A. League- Shut Up & Play

A League Champions


B. League- The Monstars

B League Champions




2013 AA 4 Teams A 16 Teams B 24 Teams
  2 Court    
8:30 Round 1   Round 1 (8 Courts)
9:30 Round 2   9:15-Round 1 cont. (8 Courts)
10:30 Break Round 1 (8 Courts) Break
11:30 Round 3 Round 2 (4 Courts) Round 2 (4 Courts)
12:30 Break Break Semis (2 Courts)
1:30 Finals Semis (2 Courts) Break
2:30   Finals (1 Court) Finals (1 Court)
3:30 Awards Awards Awards


AA     A     B  
      Mon Tues   Weds Thurs
Uncommonly Smooth     I'd Hit That Lazer Show   Wax This The Monstars
Eytch     Turtles Shut Up & Play   Spike Ya Punch Cobra Kai
Uncle Slam     Skyline Snappaheads   Bumps & Brews Snappaheads
Swag     Brewtus Barn Boys   6 on the Beach Hot Dog Johnson's
      Group Hug Chix Dig Bumps Sets 1, 2 BBQ How I Set Your Mama
      Lose By Less Tree Frogs   Last Call ACME ROOFING
        Secret Service   Step Dads Hot 4 Teachers
        Airsharks   Court Hogs Mayflower
        Sun Drum Solar   Judge & Jury Sofaking Good
        Alley Cats   Ballatio Block Party
            SMASH Unprotected Sets
            Fossils YOLO

*The following B League teams have first round Byes and will begin at 9:15

The Monstars
Cobra Kai
Hot Dog Johnson's
Wax This
Spike Ya Punch
Bumps & Brews
6 on the Beach