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Volleyball Championships

2014 Championship Tournament*

Saturday, August 2nd (rain date Aug.3rd)

    2014 Championship Schedule 
  AA 6 Teams A 10 Teams B-Gold 16 Teams B- Silver 16 Teams
apprx times 5 Rounds POOL PLAY 5 Rounds POOL PLAY 4 Rounds- Single Elimination 4 Rounds- Single Elimination
8:30 Round 1     Round 1
9:00   Round 1    
9:30 Round 2 Round 2 Round 1  
10:30 Round 3 Round 3 Round 2 Round 2
11:30 Play in/ Lunch Play in/Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:45 Round 4- Semis Round 4- Semis Round 3- Semis Round 3- Semis
2:00 Round 5- Finals Round 5- Finals Round 4- Finals Round 4- Finals
3:15 Awards Awards Awards Awards


Teams that made the playoffs:
Wednesday- B League GOLD 
6 on the Beach
Mosquito Bait
Bumps + Brews
Young Beaches
Volley 4 Beer
Spikes + Surges
Wednesday- B League SILVER
Dirt Dawgs
Knight Riders
Judge + Jury
Bumping Uglies
1, 2, BBQ
Yours, Yours, Yours
Team Prescott
Thursday B League Gold Bracket
Pro Ball Handlers
Hot Dogs
Groovus Maximus
Yo Yellow
How I Set Chewbacca
Hot 4 Teachers
Unprotected Sets
Thursday B League Silver Bracket
Irish Setters
Last Call- DG
Nice Set
ACME Roofing
Sofaking Good
Slam Dewey
Last Call- JG