Tiki Bar is open for our normal business hours Monday June 29th thru Saturday July 4th, Closed on Sunday July 5 and re-open Monday July 6Outlook Restaurant will be closed Sunday June 28 thru Monday July 6th. It will re-open Tuesday July 7 at 5:00pm. Volleyball will not play the week of June 30, July 1 and 2 and resume July 7th.

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Trail Status


 Lift Name Type Status
 Chief Triple Chair Triple  Beginner Open
 Wardance Triple Chair Triple  Beginner Open
 Sundance Triple Chair Triple  Beginner Open
 Snowdance Double Chair Double  Beginner Open
 Pow Rope Tow Rope Tow  Beginner Open
 Wow Rope Tow Rope Tow  Beginner Open
 Peacepipe Rope Tow Rope Tow  Beginner Open
 Papoose  Magic CarpetConveyor
 Beginner Open
 Totem Magic Carpet Conveyor  Beginner Open
 Lil' Hawk Magic Carpet Conveyor  Beginner Open
 Tahu Magic Carpet Conveyor  Beginner Open


 Trail Name Skill Level Status
 Papoose  Beginner Beginner

Beginner Open

 Pow-Wow  Beginner Beginner  Beginner Open

 Peacepipe  Beginner Beginner  Beginner Open

 Tahu  Beginner Beginner  Beginner Open

 Tomahawk Trail  Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Open

 Big Bow  Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Open

 Dog Leg  Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Open

 Nashoba Slope  Intermediate Intermediate

Beginner Open

 Nashoba Glades  Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Open

 Nashoba Trail  Intermediate Intermediate  Beginner Open

 Sundance  Intermediate Terrain Park Beginner Open

 Indian Run  Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Open

 Chief  Expert Expert  Beginner Open

 Warrior  Expert Expert Beginner Open

 Bull Run  Expert Expert  Beginner Open

 Wardance  Expert Expert  Beginner Open

 Lobo  Expert Expert Beginner Open